I think that was Voltaire… Anyway, what that basically means is, you get what you pay for. How many times have you bought something based on the price only to find it was a piece of junk?hair My rates might be higher than some but they are certainly less than others but I’m always willing to do my best to work within a clients budget. When you hire me, you are getting twenty years of experience and professionalism with a proven track record of reliability, satisfied clients and a guarantee of quality work.


PRICING is based on a variety of factors but it is mostly based on Usage, not how long it takes an artist to draw it. I could draw a stick figure in three
seconds but if it’s used in a Church Newsletter it will cost you significantly less than it if was used in a National Ad Campaign to sell millions of dollars worth of merchandise for Fortune 500 company.


Some of the other factors involved include:

    : Do you need it overnight or do we have three weeks to get it done?
  • COLOR: Is it in color or black and white?
  • USAGE: Will it be on the cover, a full page interior or just a spot? Is it a book? Magazine? Greeting Card? Advertisement? Company Logo? Character Design?

Don’t be shy about contacting me for a quote. I love to draw and I’m always willing to discuss budgets.