Thank you for your interest in Speedydoodle Studios. In order to better understand what you are looking for and help me to give you a more accurate estimate for my services, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide me with some information about your project by answering the questions that apply to your project below in your inquiry.

Contact for Party Caricatures

Please Confirm Email Is Correct


Please Confirm Email Is Correct
    • What is the time frame/deadline for this project?
    • What is your approximate budget for the project?
    • What is the planned usage for the art?
    • Do you need me to supply you with Vector Art?
    • What type of art are you looking to have done?(Please provide details for your project)
  • Children’s Book
    • How many pages?
    • Are the drawings simple or very involved and detailed?
    • Will you need me to do any design work or just the illustrations?
  • Character & Logo Design
    • Where will the logo be used (web only, stationary, t-shirts etc.)
  • T-Shirt Design
    • How many and which colors would you like to use?
    • Does the design include text?
    • Live Event Caricatures
    • What is the Date, Time & Location of the Event?
    • What type of event is it?
    • How soon do you need it?
    • How many people in the drawing?
    • Do you need a Sign-In Board?
    • Please provide any text including subjects name, date of event or any other details you would like in the image.
  • Other
    • Please provide details of what you are looking to do.