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Trix Surfer Animatic

Here’s a frame out of an animatic I did for a Trix commercial. Silly Rabbit…

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Retirement Gift Caricature

After a few changes to the original sketch, here’s the final version of the Retirement Gift Caricature I posted a few days ago.

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Monster Comics Homage

Here’s an old Monthly Meeting flyer for the New Jersey Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society that paid homage to the old monster comics like “Where Monsters Dwell” as well as the cover to Fantastic Four #1 by Jack “King” … Continue reading

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Cracked Magazine – People to Avoid At The Hospital

Here’s one of the first things I ever did for CRACKED magazine, Continue reading

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Activity Book Coloring Page

Here’s a coloring book page containing a cartoon snake, a cartoon pig, a cartoon salamander, a cartoon gecko and a cartoon hermit crab done for a Hooked on Phonics Activity Book Continue reading

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Here are a few “Cereal” parodies I did just for fun 🙂

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